Tertsa, Sykologos, Viannos, Heraklion, Crete, P.O. 70004, Greece,
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About Us
The cultivation of plants and trees is based on Natural Cultivation, Organic Farming and Intercropping. Without using chemical fertilizers, pesticides  and other additives which harm the ecosystem.
Natural Cultivation is based on a Nature free from human intervention and mediation. Strives to remedy in nature the damage caused by the human knowledge and action.
Natural Cultivation is not only an agricultural cultivation method. Is a spiritual path that connects science, religion, philosophy in a single arrest, as it once was in the past.
Intercropping is parallel cultivation with various plants and trees in the same area. Are usually plants and trees with different root systems and with different nutrient requirements. Plants and trees live together and interact positively with each other. Intercropping contribute positively to growth - activity of beneficial microorganisms and insects.
The cultivation of individual plants and trees is a result of research, observation, combined with the knowledge of the people who cultivated this land in the past,  based on the need to restore the ecosystem of the region in conditions that existed before the advent of industrial farming practices that lead away from the natural process of evolution of human and nature.

We offer quality, fruits rich in valuable ingredients for health, at the final stage of maturation, directly from the plants and trees without chemical or other processing of maturing. 
Small Ecological Cultivations of Plants, Trees, Fruits and Vegetables